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Ioana Solea

Ioana Solea

Ioana Solea has worked as an ESL and Italian language corporate trainer for over 11 years and is a Blogger for CYPHER LEARNING. She covers different topics, from the latest pedagogical strategies, training, and e-learning tools to online marketing.

Top 3 ways an intelligent learning platform helps you implement your best customer service training ideas

Good customer service is key to a successful business. Happy customers equal profit whether you work in retail, tourism, or web development. However, offering an excellent product or service is not en...

8 Top tips for teaching remote employees how to give feedback to peers

Giving feedback is not easy. It takes patience and experience to do so effectively without feeling uncomfortable or making the other person feel overwhelmed. Consequently, many professionals are strug...

Why intelligent learning platforms help hybrid employees be more productive

The workplace has undergone drastic changes over the past two years. Many companies have shut their doors during the pandemic and asked their employees to work remotely. Others preferred a hybrid work...

Settling the LMS vs LXP debate once and for all

Even in the post-pandemic workplace, remote and hybrid training is more than likely to prosper as many companies have decided to allow employees to work from home, at least partially. The necessity to...

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