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Política de privacidad

Última actualización: 9 de abril de 2021


CYPHER LEARNING INC., 4 Embarcadero Center, Suite 1400, San Francisco, CA, 94111, se compromete a proteger y respetar su privacidad.

Estos Términos de privacidad junto con nuestros Términos y condiciones (y cualquier otro documento al que se haga referencia en él, y cualquier otro término contractual que pueda existir entre nosotros y usted) establecen la base sobre la cual recopilamos cualquier información personal que recibimos de usted. de usted, o proceso para usted, será utilizado por nosotros. Se aplica a todos los datos recopilados debido a su uso de los siguientes sitios web: , , , , , www.matrixlms , , , , blog.indielms.comy .

A los efectos del Reglamento General de Protección de Datos de la UE ("GDPR"), en los casos en que recopilamos datos a través de nuestros sitios web y campañas de marketing, somos el "controlador de datos". En el caso de los datos que los clientes utilizan en cualquiera de nuestras plataformas de aprendizaje, somos el "procesador de datos". Descubra más detalles sobre cómo CYPHER LEARNING cumple con el RGPD .

Información que podemos recopilar de usted

A través de nuestros sitios web

Puede brindarnos información sobre usted completando formularios en nuestros sitios web o comunicándose con nosotros por correo electrónico, teléfono o de otra manera (solo nos comunicamos por teléfono en el caso de soporte y otros servicios de productos). Esto incluye la información que proporciona cuando se registra y se suscribe para usar nuestras plataformas de aprendizaje, los formularios de contacto que puede enviar en cualquiera de nuestros sitios web y las comunicaciones con nuestro equipo de soporte y productos.

La información que nos proporciona puede incluir su nombre, dirección de correo electrónico, país, estado, ciudad, número de teléfono, puesto de trabajo, tipo de institución, nombre de la institución, sitio web de la institución, tamaño de la institución, nombre de usuario, contraseña, URL del portal y nombre del portal. Durante nuestro proceso de incorporación, también podemos recopilar información sobre sus desafíos de aprendizaje electrónico, lo que desea lograr a través de nuestras plataformas y el uso esperado de nuestras plataformas.

Through our marketing campaigns

You may give us information about yourself when filling in forms in our marketing campaigns (for example in the case where we offer a brochure or white paper in the exchange of your data), registrations to webinars and other events, subscribing to our blogs, or participating in marketing activities at conferences and online events.

The information you give us may include your name, email address, country, state, city, phone number, job role, institution type, institution name, institution website, and institution size.

How do we use your data

Data collected through our websites or registration/subscription to our learning platforms

The data provided by users when registering to use our learning platforms is used in the following ways:

  • To send informative emails for the users on the 14-day free trial
  • To send the monthly newsletter to all free trial users and paying clients
  • To send product updates to all users
  • Data provided by users on the free trial can also be used for marketing campaigns that might be suited for them such as invitations to webinars and events, content marketing campaigns, campaigns to convince users to upgrade to a paid plan, marketing research campaigns related to our platforms and industry, etc.
  • Data provided by paying clients can also be used for marketing campaigns that might be suited for them such as invitations to webinars and events, content marketing campaigns, marketing research campaigns related to our platforms, campaigns to gather product feedback, etc.
  • Phone numbers collected through our automated phone system on our websites are stored in Nextiva and we do not store this data on our company servers. When contacting us through our phone system users agree to give their phone number and we only use phone numbers to respond to inquiries that come through our websites. Paying customers sometimes may require phone support and we provide that service, but we only use the phone numbers provided by clients with their consent.
  • Data provided when subscribing to our blogs is used to send blog updates and future marketing campaigns, similar to the ones mentioned above.

Data collected through marketing campaigns

The data collected through marketing campaigns by people that have not yet registered for one of our products is used in the following ways:

  • In future marketing campaigns that might be suited for them such as invitations to webinars and events, content marketing campaigns, campaigns related to our platforms and blogs, research campaigns related to our platforms, blogs, and industry.

Data hosted by clients on our platforms

Our clients are fully responsible for the data hosted on our platform and how they use it. In this case, they are the "data collector" and we are the "data processor". We only collect the data that clients use when registering for our platforms, which is usually the administrator account of the platform. Clients decide the type of user data they upload and use in our platform and if they want to use our platforms to collect more user data, by allowing users to self-register for their portals.

How long do we store data

Client data such as registration details, company details, data stored by the client in our learning platforms, are stored as long as the client is registered to use our learning platforms. In the case of,,, and after the 14-day free trial if the user does not upgrade to a paid plan, their registration is terminated and we delete their data.

Personal data gathered through marketing campaigns and website forms (such as contact forms on our websites) is stored until the user decides that they don't want to receive updates from us anymore. We use email marketing to communicate with these contacts and there is an "Unsubscribe" option available in each email. If a person does not interact with our marketing campaigns for a period longer than one year, we will delete the contact information from our database.

Blog subscribers receive blog updates until they decide to stop their subscription. The "Unsubscribe" option is available in each blog update we send out.

We do not store phone numbers.

Where do we store data

Clients' data located in the USA is stored on our secure company servers on AWS. Clients' data located in Europe, from the learning platforms and is stored on the Amazon servers in Frankfurt. Clients' data located in Australia, from the learning platforms and is stored on the Amazon servers in Sydney.

Personal data such as blog subscriptions and data that we use for marketing campaigns and sales activities are stored in our CRM system HubSpot. We also store in our CRM system the data of platform users that have agreed to receive marketing communications from us, which are detailed above.

Cookie policy

We use cookies when you access some of our products and services. Cookies allow us, among other things, to authenticate and log you in, provide you with a personalized experience, and analyze how our websites and online services are performing. Read more about our Cookie Policy and what cookies we use.

Security measures implemented in our learning platforms

Our learning platforms include the following security mechanisms to protect its members and their resources: passwords, walled communities, authenticated resource access, secure profiles, secure messaging, communications monitoring, secure e-commerce, secure storage, secure servers. All communications are over HTTPS, all personal passwords are encrypted with individual SALT values, we use a rate limiter to prevent script kiddies or malicious attackers from overwhelming the system, our Amazon servers are hosted in their own VPC (virtual private cloud), and all remote ssh logins are protected using public/private keys. We conduct regular security audits and run daily security tools on our site to automatically detect and report security issues. You can easily prevent selected users from logging in, revoke their access rights, or delete them entirely if necessary. You can configure your site security policies to specify which operations can be performed by specific account types.

We provide Policy documents for our clients to use on their portals. This feature gives clients the framework to create documents that describe their privacy policy and require users to accept their privacy policy.

How do we use data shared through Google SSO and Google Drive

We use the information provided by users such as their email address for authentication through Google Workspace single sign-on and for accessing the files in Google Drive of the user if they use this integration in our platform. We don't alter in any way the user data in Google Drive and we only store the data in our system if the user wants this. We do not use Google user data in any other way.

FERPA compliance

CYPHER LEARNING INC. is FERPA compliant. More details about FERPA.

EU-US Privacy Shield compliance

CYPHER LEARNING cumple con el Escudo de Privacidad UE-EE. UU. según lo establecido por el Departamento de Comercio de EE. UU. con respecto a la recopilación, el uso y la retención de información personal de los países miembros de la Unión Europea. CYPHER LEARNING ha certificado que se adhiere a los Principios de privacidad del Escudo de privacidad UE-EE. UU. de notificación, elección, transferencia posterior, seguridad, integridad de datos, acceso y cumplimiento. Para obtener más información sobre el programa Escudo de privacidad UE-EE. UU. y ver la certificación de CYPHER LEARNING .

Cooperamos y cumplimos con las Autoridades de protección de datos (DPA) de la UE y el Comisionado federal de información y protección de datos de Suiza (FDPIC) para investigar las quejas no resueltas.