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January 19, 2023

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10 of the most influential people in e-learning in 2016

  1. Charles Jennings

    Leading thinker and practitioner in learning, development and performance. He is also a Senior Director with the Internet Time Alliance and Co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute.

  2. Craig Weiss

    A recognized e-learning expert, industry analyst, speaker, and the author of the well-known blog Elearning 24/7.

  3. Clark Quinn

    Recognized leader helping organizations take advantage of information systems to meet learning, knowledge, and performance needs. Executive Director of Quinnovation, published author, and author of the Learnlets Blog.

  4. Laura Overton

    Managing Director of Towards Maturity with more than two decades of experience in helping organisations improve the business impact of learning technologies in the workplace.

  5. Jane Hart

    A workplace learning and collaboration advisor, writer and international speaker. Founder of Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, which shares information on new learning trends, technologies and tools.

  6. Christopher Pappas

    Founder and CEO of the eLearning Industry Network, which is the largest eLearning Professionals' network at the present moment.

  7. Patti Shank

    Speaker, writer, author and the President of Learning Peaks LLC, an internationally recognized consulting firm that provides learning and performance consulting.

  8. Harold Jarche

    A Canada-based 'thought catalyst', writer and blogger. He has been described as "a keen subversive of the last century's management and education models".

  9. Roger Schank

    Former Professor at Stanford, Yale, and Northwestern. Now president and CEO of Socratic Arts, a long-established thought leader and education revolutionary.

  10. Tom Kuhlmann

    One of the most known e-learning designers with an experience of over 20 years in the training industry and the author of the Rapid Elearning Blog.


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