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MATRIX vs Cornerstone LMS


This is a detailed comparison between MATRIX and Cornerstone LMS, taking into consideration the features, functionality, and cost of each platform.

MATRIX is a learning management system (LMS) for use by small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large corporations. MATRIX helps companies manage all training activities, such as creating and delivering training content, evaluating employee performance, training clients and partners, and selling online courses. MATRIX is a product of CYPHER LEARNING, a company that specializes in providing learning platforms for organizations around the world.

Cornerstone LMS is a cloud-based learning management system that is part of Cornerstone on Demand Learning suite.


User interface

The MATRIX interface has a modern, responsive design that looks sharp and automatically adjusts based on the type of device. It provides attractive tile-based dashboards for learners, instructors, and administrators, a graphical course catalog, as well as simple pop-out navigation. It provides rich content authoring as well as a visually attractive way to create and organize module material. MATRIX has native apps for iOS and Android. MATRIX also has a unique “activity display” feature that indicates the level of activity within courses and groups using a pulsing indicator on their tiles together with real-time widgets that scroll through the latest activities.

The Cornerstone interface is modern but not quite as graphical, and seems harder to use by people with little or no technical skills. For example, some users might find it hard to create their own courses since the system lacks a built-in content authoring tool. Instructors have to rely on a third-party tool and third-party content.

The Cornerstone implementation process and general configuration usually take longer and companies might need to hire a full-time system administrator.


Ease of use

MATRIX is very intuitive and easy to use. In addition, it includes an online help center with videos, getting started guides, and searchable help content. MATRIX also has a rapid response support forum where staff members typically respond to questions within 15-30 minutes during business hours 24/5.

Cornerstone offers support via phone, forum, a knowledge base and through a client community center.



MATRIX provides the range of functionality you’d expect in a modern LMS, such as support for courses (instructor-led, blended, and self-paced), content authoring, integrated e-commerce functionality, graphical course catalog, beautiful module layouts, gamification, automation, learning paths, drip content, a customizable portal, web conferencing, collaboration tools, curricula and proficiencies, resources catalog, and more.

MATRIX integrates with a wide variety of systems, including Google Workspace, Google Drive, Calendars (iCal), Turnitin, PayPal, Stripe,, Salesforce, Zapier, xAPI, Single sign-on with Microsoft 365, OneDrive, and GoToMeeting. We support industry standards such as SCORM, Common Cartridge Format, LTI, Equella, QTI, LDAP, and SMTP/POP3.

Cornerstone functionalities are arranged into different modules, instead of keeping everything together for easy management and increased productivity. Collaboration tools, E-commerce, and Integrations are all separate modules. This means that businesses that want to use any of these modules have to pay an additional cost.

Here is a list of the features included with MATRIX that are not supported by Cornerstone:

User interface

  • Automatic language translation for messages and forums posts
  • Graphical resources catalog
  • Modern avatar library
  • Branded mobile apps
  • Activity display
  • Public blog


  • Built-in content authoring tool
  • Drip content
  • Gamification
  • Record video from browser
  • Record audio from browser
  • Graphical badges gallery
  • Offline mode
  • Path templates
  • Graphical resources catalog
  • Adaptive learning
  • Content sync


  • Chat
  • Public profiles

Analytics and assessments

  • Assessment types such as essays, LTI assessments, etc.
  • Personalized assessments
  • Question banks
  • Peer reviewed assessments


  • Affiliates
  • SEO features
  • Subscriptions
  • Bundles
  • Bulk discounts


  • Integration with 1,500+ apps via Zapier
  • Microsoft 365 Single Sign-on
  • Plagiarism detection via Turnitin and Unicheck
  • Equella
  • LTI, QTI, and CCF standards
  • Mailchimp
  • H5P
  • MS Immersive Reader
  • MS OneNote
  • Go1
  • Udemy
  • Panopto
  • CometChat

Web conferencing

  • Google Meet
  • Kaltura
  • MS Teams

Payment gateways

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Payments Pro
  • PayUbiz
  • PayU Latam
  • PagSeguro
  • Flywire


  • Archiving learners
  • See online users
  • Terms and conditions
  • Video transcoding
  • Waitlists
  • Tagging
  • Learner help desk
  • Networking of sites
  • Resell under your own brand
  • Trash can for restoring deleted items


MATRIX LMS plans are based on the number of active learners. There are no standard setup fees, cancellation fees, storage fees, bandwidth fees, support fees, or other hidden costs. MATRIX offers advanced features, such as full e-commerce functionality in each of the pricing plans.

Cornerstone does not publicly disclose pricing plans. However, Cornerstone LMS does have an implementation fee, and the total price increases significantly when users might find themselves in need of purchasing different modules for collaboration tools, content, advanced reporting, and e-commerce as part of the Cornerstone Learning suite.



This was a comparison of the most important feature differences between MATRIX and Cornerstone LMS.

MATRIX is an LMS for managing all e-learning activities such as delivering training, tracking employee performance, and selling online courses. MATRIX is more attractive, easier to use, and has a bigger feature set than Cornerstone.

If you require additional information on MATRIX, please contact us.


This comparison paper was written in May 2021 based on publicly available documentation on both vendors' sites. It was prepared as a guide and is not intended to be exhaustive. The comparison information is for guidance only and does not constitute any contractual representation, warranty or obligation on our part. Liability for errors, omissions or consequential loss is expressly disclaimed.

Since pricing and features can change rapidly, we do not represent that this information is up-to-date, and we encourage you to get the latest information directly from the vendor's web site. If you find any information in this comparison guide to be inaccurate, please contact us with details and we will correct the information within 72hrs.

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