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Testimonials from businesses

What businesses that use CYPHER Learning are saying

Kerridge Commercials Systems have partnered with CYPHER Learning® on the CYPHER platform for the past 5 years to offer training courses for both internal stakeholders as well as our diverse client base. The multi-portal platform has enabled us to offer solutions through our different divisions, while still maintaining our global learning goals and requirements.

Theo Oosthuizen, Platform Administrator

CYPHER's LMS has been an outstanding platform for online personalized training and development. The platform offers quick and easy access to educational resources for all our learners. Uploading content and tracking learner progress are all part of the package and this streamlines processes for the personnel handling the backend of the platform.

Bronwen Browne, Online Trainer

CYPHER enabled us to train more people. It has also allowed us to free up some of our trainers’ time.

Consultant, Small Business Consumer Services Company

CYPHER allows full customization. We call ours “Campus”, which resonates well with our learners. It has now become a go-to place for learning on the go.

Gilbert Niel Bernardo, Insurance Sales Training Lead, Troo

We’ve been more profitable; costs went down, and the profits increased once we switched to CYPHER.

CEO, Small Business Educational Institution Company

Excellent Online platform for our Medical coding courses offering.

Operations Manager, Small Business Healthcare Company

Our clients who are using CYPHER really enjoyed their online teaching/learning experience. We were also able to incorporate our materials easily with the system.

Chariz Flores, CEO, iDigital Online Learning Solutions

I find the system very user friendly, my clients love the experience and the support is exceptional.

Theo Oosthuizen, Online Platform Co-Ordinator, Kerridge Commercial Systems

Our company has been using CYPHER for years, and it has been of great value as a learning tool for our employees.

IT Manager, Small Business Financial Services Company

Easy to use and their Support Team responds well.

Mark Anthony Ellana, RPh PharmD, Training and Development Manager, TGP

We were able to organize our learning content more. This made our learners have a better and a new way of experiencing taking online classes.

Meggie Salonga, Product Manager, Enderun Extension

Since using CYPHER, we have noticed quicker completion times, higher engagement rates, higher completion vs. low dropout rates. We are getting much better reviews now based on this LMS.

CEO, Small Business Educational Institution Company

I have used CYPHER for 10 years and find it user-friendly and well supported.

Judy Williams, Program Manager, The Academy of Brain-based Leadership

CYPHER has allowed our team to create, host, and develop a full catalog of courses of multiple types and offer those to both in-person and virtual students.

COO, Small Business Professional Services Company

Since using CYPHER, we noticed greater efficiencies in managing and reporting learning outcomes.

Nyscsh Lms Tech Tech, Director, New York State Center for School Health LMS

I’ve noticed that our account and organization management and course creation process have improved.

Daniel Bates, Director, 21stCentEd

CYPHER is a robust system with built-in self-support and fantastic customer service. The amount of features blows my mind.

Daniel Bates, Director, 21stCentEd

The tool has been reliable, and we’ve been able to integrate it with our other systems. A little complicated to learn, but it has all we need and much more.

Marketing Professional, Medium Enterprise Computer Software Company

It helps us to deliver training in the distance. We were able to diversify our way of teaching using blended or hybrid courses.

Melanie Sister, System Administrator

Much more satisfied learners. More efficient and effective instructors.

CEO, Small Business Computer Software Company

Employees are satisfied because they can reach training 24/7.

Business Professional, Medium Enterprise Banking Company

Great value for the service provided. No hidden charges or fees; everything is very straightforward and fair. The user interface is nice, and the support is fast and reasonable.

System Administrator, Non-profit organization

Our learners are able to access content in an easy and sequential manner.

Project Manager, Small Business Media & Entertainment Company

With the help of CYPHER, we were able to keep training during the COVID 19 shutdown.

Deborah Coburn, Business Professional, Alabama Industrial Development Training

It’s easy to learn and begin pushing out content. The interface is attractive and customizable.

Deborah Coburn, Business Professional, Alabama Industrial Development Training

CYPHER improved the productivity of our employees.

Analiza De Lumban, Financial Analyst, CARD MRI Development Institute Inc

CYPHER has helped us reach new audiences with online learning.

COO, Medium Enterprise Hospitality Company

CYPHER's LMS is very easy to understand and easy to navigate. If there is a problem in the platform, help is just one click away; the technical support team responds immediately, giving you great feedback on how to solve the issues we have encountered.

Jerwin Lopez, System Administrator, Global Academy

It is easier to use, especially now that we are in the midst of the pandemic. CYPHER allows us to continue giving training programs despite the geographical differences of our team members.

Hazel Mae De La Vega, Training Officer, East West Rural Banking Corporation

Consultants have access to our Training Material instantly when accessing the LMS Learning Portal. We can monitor and check their progress, which is a great help, and I can see who has not accessed the portal and then do follow-ups.

KCS-Elizabeth Bouch, Consultant, Kerridge Commercial Systems

CYPHER has tiered pricing, which really helps small businesses get started. Every CYPHER employee I’ve interacted with has been professional, kind, and helpful. It’s been a great experience!

Katie Bokan, CEO and Founder, Convo

Everything is so streamlined and intuitive. Learners can easily manage their classes!

Katie Bokan, founder of convo, CEO, convo

The feature that has had the largest impact is Groups. Before CYPHER, documents and information were stored on Google Drive. It was impossible to find anything. There were also duplicate documents everywhere. CYPHER Groups allow us to organize and structure our documents so that they are easy to find. Learners are confident that they are working off of a single source of truth.

Regina Owens, Senior Manager of Learning & Development, Ableto

By converting our training courses to this online platform, we streamlined productivity and fulfilled a niche market for accessing online learning.

Flight Safety, Business Professional, Aeronautical Enterprises

We have been able to have one location where all of our pieces of training and online courses can be held.

Robert Mitchell, Operations Manager, CARDEA

Testimonials from review sites

CYPHER is a great entry into corporate learning platform approaches

For this type of LMS, there truly are a great variety of features. Automation also played a major role in our consideration of this product.

Awesome next gen digital learning

The super-responsive and customer-focused support function make CYPHER the best of breed! CYPHER has automation with innovative rules engine, a beautiful interface, it’s easy to use, it’s mobile responsive with inbuilt gamification, inbuilt apps, and social community features. This solution has it all!

Fantastic all rounder solution

We have transitioned from another solution to CYPHER about 18 months ago as we wanted a feature-rich and easy-to-use solution for our digital community. CYPHER has exceeded all expectations from the ease of installation, huge range of features, automation capability, and exceptional customer support. CYPHER has replaced multiple prior sites & solutions with a single main site for all of our community digital learning, social & e-commerce needs - it has saved us significant personal time in the extensive level of automation possible while also boosting new business models and product offers with its varied e-commerce and digital product features.

What do you like best?

The variety of tools we can leverage to engage and track the learners.

The automatic feature makes my work so easy so my customer reach increased by 30%

I can put my reminders into the platform. CYPHER is very useful as I can access it remotely. All in all, I am satisfied with CYPHER, it delivers value for the money spent and the implementation process was easy.