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Elevating online training to ensure a continuous flow of global operations

Potato Corner Philippines
Potato Corner

Potato Corner has been in the food industry for over 25 years. They opened their first outlet in the Philippines, but now you can find their stores in almost all parts of the world. Potato Corner has won several awards over the years, recognizing its excellent business model and well-loved brand.

Read on to learn how the staff at Potato Corner used CYPHER to provide training to their global team.

How did you find out about CYPHER?

Paulo Perez, Chief Human Resource Officer: I came across CYPHER Learning® through a friend. He also uses CYPHER for his own business. That’s what convinced me to give it a try, and it’s a good thing I did.

What improvements have you noticed since using CYPHER?

Paulo Perez, Chief Human Resource Officer: We have seen so many improvements across our organization, not just speed but also flexibility in terms of learning. We’ve seen that our employees’ competencies have improved just by using the platform. We are confident that as we use it more and more, our people will be more equipped in terms of their capabilities to handle their roles.

What were your expectations when you transitioned to online learning?

Raymond Opina, International Business Development Manager: I expected the online learning program to be similar to physical training. I was hoping to provide our franchise a learning experience similar to attending an actual classroom.

What benefits of online learning do you like the most?

Raymond Opina, International Business Development Manager: One of the key benefits of online learning is that our hires don’t have to travel to the Philippines anymore, especially now, when safety is a top priority.

What has been your experience with CYPHER?

Raymond Opina, International Business Development Manager: What I like most about CYPHER is that it’s very user-friendly. Even users who are not computer savvy will be able to complete the modules without any navigation issues.

Isabelle Javier, Brand Specialist (Digital): I would consider myself a techy person. For me, the platform is very easy to use and navigate. I always know where to click, and the platform provides a smooth user experience.

Please name the best features of CYPHER?

Nikka Sanchez, Human Capital Officer: For me, the best feature is the course catalog because that’s where all the learning begins. As administrators, we have the opportunity to be creative and use a gamification approach to create more engagement for our users.

Isabelle Javier, Brand Specialist (Digital): The best feature is its interface. It has a good user experience, and overall the site looks clean and not cluttered. This makes it very easy to use. One of the best parts of online learning is its convenience since you get to learn when you’re at home.

Jr Marfori, Franchisee: The best CYPHER feature is that you enter the training without knowing anything at all, and after a couple of hours, you come out with the know-how of a lot of things. You learn about operations, products, and quality control. You get years and years of hard work into a comprehensive program. Once you take the final test, you immediately know what your weaknesses are. This allows you to work on the errors and correct them.

Paulo Perez, Chief Human Resource Officer: The first one is the chat feature. We like it because it gives us a chance to communicate with our learners, which is very important for them, as we guide them through their development. We also like the different styles of courses because we can adjust them to our learners’ needs.

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