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6 Ways of boosting employee performance with e-learning

Successful online training courses offer a great learning experience and, most importantly, employees have a chance to apply what they learn in their daily tasks. The number one thing that all busines...

7 Reasons why mobile learning can help your business

Long gone are the days when the only use for phones was to make and receive calls. Mobile devices are now also used for shopping, banking, advertising, gaming, entertaining and learning — mobile learn...

How introverted learners benefit from online training

One well-known rule for an engaging e-learning course is to design it with the learner's needs in mind. In other words, a course instructor needs to know his/her audience. While almost all instruction...

Why the 70:20:10 model works for online training

Learning doesn't just happen in schools, it is a continuous act that happens every day and stretches throughout our entire lives. Since more and more of today’s work is knowledge-based, active adults ...

Why storytelling works for businesses

Storytelling has been part of our lives since time immemorial. This talent of telling stories is what made Shakespeare famous and kept Scheherazade alive during 1001 Nights. Fast forward to the presen...

5 Teaching techniques that annoy adult learners

This post has been updated on July 9, 2020. So, you’ve created an online training course, you’ve gathered all the materials, you’ve put a lot of effort into making it look nice, but something just doe...

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